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Tips for Maximizing Your Online Community Fundraiser

Tips for Maximizing Your Online Community Fundraiser

Tips For Maximizing Your Online Community Fundraiser

You want to make an impact! Once you have created your personal fundraising page, below are a few tips and tricks to help your fundraiser be successful:


Upload A Photo
Your friends want to see you on your fundraising page! Consider using a photo that represents your fundraising mission.


Tell Your Story
Let your friends know why you are fundraising on your custom page. They want to hear why Children’s Mercy matters to you.


Create a Facebook Fundraising Page
Find the Facebook tab in your fundraiser dashboard to create a Facebook Fundraiser for active friends and family to see.


Make A Donation
Show your family and friends that you are committed to your goal by jumpstarting your fundraising with a personal donation.


Email Your Circle
Ask for support from your friends and family, and thank your donors. Copy and paste the email templates into your personal email account and send to your friends.


Share On Social Media
Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites to get others excited about your fundraiser. Don’t be afraid to post on social media often. Tag donors to inspire others. To tag Children’s Mercy use @ChildrensMercy.


Send updates, say thank you, and celebrate!
Send updates and reminders about your fundraiser. Don’t be afraid to email and post on social media more than once! Thank donors on social media to inspire others. Fundraising is hard, yet rewarding work. Be sure and celebrate yourself and others and your collective impact on children and families in our community.