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Get Creative!

Get Creative!

Fundraise YOUR way!

Hosting a lemonade stand? Organizing a charity trail run? No matter your event, you can collect donations online through your own custom fundraising page. Together, our LOVE WILL stop at nothing to create a world of well-being for children.

How to Create Your Donation Page  

Setting up your page only takes a minute! You’ll choose a name for your page and what area of the hospital to fundraise for – then you’re pretty much finished! Once you create your page, you’ll be able to track your progress, thank donors, and add personal touches, like a photo and story. 

In addition to setting your fundraiser name and where gifts to your page will go, you can also create a short URL for your page. This can be especially helpful if you’re printing the URL to your page on an invitation or flyer.

Champions in Action: Helping kids find their way

Children’s Mercy employees go the extra mile to support Gender Pathways Services Clinic

Children’s Mercy employees focus their philanthropic efforts on supporting LGBTQIA patients and their families.

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