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Defeating cancer one step at a time

Defeating cancer one step at a time

Oncology nurse raises funds to advance cancer research  


Oncology nurse Danny Loental has worked caring for children with cancer on 4 Henson Hall at Children’s Mercy for nearly seven years. In his role, Danny sees children cured and those who relapse, successful bone marrow transplants and those that fail. Danny witnesses the entire spectrum of what children and families face when they receive a cancer diagnosis. 

He began fundraising for the Children’s Mercy Cancer Center in 2014, the first year of the KC Cares for Kids Walk — a Children’s Mercy event now known as Dream Big Day.  

“If you’re wondering why I raise money for pediatric cancer research, I’ll tell you. It’s because of what I see when I go to my job every day. I see kids and families put in unimaginable situations. I see children cured. I see children relapse. I see our miracle treatments that cure some children, but harm other children more than the actual cancer. I see revolutionary new types of treatment. I see that all of these new treatments move so slowly through clinical trials, and meanwhile some children are out of options. And I see that all of this research costs money.” 

To date, Danny has raised more than $40,000 for the Children’s Mercy Cancer Center. Some years, he lets the kids shave his head at the walk to encourage donations and support.  

“The money I raise is just a drop in the bucket. But if my drop is the drop that makes the difference in just one child’s life, then it is worth the effort.” 

Love powers advanced medicine and makes our communities healthier. Support Children’s Mercy with your own fundraiser and your love will make a difference for patients and families!