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Fundraising for Children’s Mercy

Fundraising for Children’s Mercy

Why give to Children’s Mercy?


Every day, kids and families come to Children’s Mercy looking for hope. Hope for innovative treatments and brighter tomorrows.
When you give to Children’s Mercy, your support brings hope and comfort. Whether you’re hosting an event, celebrating a birthday or creating a memorial page in honor of a loved one, you are showing that together, our LOVE WILL stop at nothing to find answers for waiting families.

We invite you to join our community of champions who are making more moments for kids. Whether your gift helps provide a diagnosis that wasn’t available yesterday through cutting-edge research, trains a new nurse, or provides a cozy blanket to a sick child, your fundraiser will make a difference for kids at the Children’s Mercy bedside and beyond.

Half a million times this year, a child comes to our doors. We take care of them all, fulfilling our non-profit mission, thanks in part to generous individuals, families, businesses and communities. Our world-class child-centered approach and family-centered care comes to life in everything we do.

The scientists at our Children’s Mercy Research Institute are relentless in their search for answers. We work diligently every single day, making a difference for children today and into the future.